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Kennewick School Board Report for December

Kennewick School Board Meeting         December 14, 2011

Board members present:  Dawn Adams, Heather Kintzley

The meeting was called to order at 5:30 PM by President Dawn Adams who led the Pledge of Allegiance.

The first order of business was administering the Oath of Office to the three newly elected directors, Ben Messinger, Ron Mabry, and Brian Brooks.  The oaths were administered individually by Superintendent Dave Bond.

The Agenda was changed to accommodate the large number of students and coaches who attended for the Fall Sports Recognition.  All three high schools had teams that participated in State level competitions.  For Southridge, Dive, girls’ Cross Country, Football and girls’ Soccer reached that level. Kennewick placed in girls’ Swim, Football, and girls’ Volleyball.  Kamiakin’s boy and girl Cross Country teams had the most honors.  The Dive, girls’ Soccer and Football teams also placed at state.  After the recognitions, they returned to the printed agenda.

Election of Officers  Brian Brooks nominated Dawn Adams for President.  No other nominations were made.  The election was held by ‘yes’ or ‘no’ vote.  All directors voted ‘yes’ with a lot of giggling and amusement.  Brian Brooks nominated Heather Kinzley for Vice-President.  No other nominations were made.  The same voting method was used with less laughing.  No one made a nomination for Legislative Representative.  Brian Brooks stepped up and nominated himself.  Again, a unanimous ‘yes’ vote. Continue reading


Complaint Filed With PDC Over Apparent Violations During Kennewick School Board Election

Today I filed a written complaint with the Public Disclosure Commission (PDC) over an apparent violation of PDC rules.  Candidates Brian Brooks, Ben Messinger and Ron Mabry shared campaign expenses for mailed literature and postage.  One of their contributors made a loan of $938.98 to each candidate.  According to PDC rules, when a candidate files for election using the mini report form (C1), a limit of $500. applies to contributions from any individual.  Loans are considered to be contributions.

After consulting with a PDC Political Finance Specialist I was persuaded to file the complaint to clarify this issue.  This is only a complaint which will be proven or disproved by a PDC investigation.

A PDC investigation could take up to 90 days for resolution.

Below is the email notice I sent to the three candidates. Continue reading


The Cost to Campaign for Kennewick School Board

On November 2, 2011 I met with Ben Messinger, Brian Brooks’ representative and Ron Mabry to review their school board campaign contributions and expenses.  The table presents the information collected from those meetings.  The three successful candidates shared expenses for campaign flyers and postage and Tri-City Herald advertising.  Their other campaign expenses were separate.

Messinger will continue accepting donations to offset his deficit.  Mabry had nearly $5000. in commitments for contributions so turned away a contribution from the Washington Education Association (WEA-PAC).

The postage expense of $938.98 for each candidate was a loan from Ty Haberling. 

This data was revised December 6, 2011 to reflect new or updated information.

I credit Brooks, Messinger and Mabry for providing their campaign finance data and expect to update this table as the candidates complete payments for expenses and record late contributions. Continue reading


The Truth About the Interim Kennewick School Board Appointment

With the school board election done the truth about the appointment of Brian Brooks to the Kennewick School Board can be told.

Community members have written letters to the Tri-City Herald expressing their belief that Brooks was the most qualified for the position so the board selected him on merit.

Reality is quite different. Continue reading


My Votes for Kennewick School Board

My letter to the Tri-City Herald was published in today’s paper.  Among the many reasons I love living in the Tri-Cities, the Herald is one.  Over my 33 years living in Kennewick I have written half a dozen letters to the editor and all have been published.  How many other places is that likely to happen?  I believe citizen participation in civic affairs is essential to sustaining our quality of life and having a voice to the community through the paper is important.  This is a free service the Herald provides. 

Because my letter was limited to 200 words there was much I did not say.  I would like to add that I also voted for Ron Mabry.  Among my associates there is concern that Mabry has aligned himself with Brian Brooks and Ben Messinger to form a new voting bloc which, if elected, will support the policies of the former bloc of Adams, Kintzley and Fielding.  I appreciate this concern. Continue reading


Nancy Kerr, please help me understand.

You, as campaign manager for Brian Brooks, candidate for Kennewick School Board position 5, wrote a letter in support of his appointment to the interim school board position which was published in the Tri-City Herald (9/13/2011).   While describing Brooks’ background and attributes you took a backhanded swipe at the educators who had applied for the interim position with your statement, “Brian is not a professional educator, as are others who wanted to be appointed to the board.  For citizens that’s a plus, not a detriment.”

Given that you are an educator who served on the Kennewick School Board from 1977 to 1979, I am trying to understand your logic. Continue reading



Ne-far-i-ous: heinously or impiously wicked.  Detestable, iniquitous, vicious.  Involved in a conspiracy.

Nefarious is not in my active vocabulary and is not even a thought I generally think.  However, when Heather Kintzley used “nefarious” in her comments to my inquiry about the Kennewick School Board decision to appoint a school board candidate to the open school board position, I began wondering, “what could be ‘nefarious’?” Continue reading


Brooks Breaks the Rules

Brian Brooks, interim school board member and candidate for position 5 on the Kennewick School Board has been electioneering on Kennewick School District property by placing his campaign literature on vehicles parked in school parking lots during open house events. 

Chip Beatty of the Public Disclosure Commission affirmed that electioneering on school grounds by school board members is specifically prohibited by state law (see Guidelines for School Districts in Election Campaigns, p.8).

Beatty noted that electioneering on school property by any candidate would violate PDC guidelines and would advise school districts to stop the practice.

It is certain elected school board members are aware of the state guidelines and should inform candidates to discontinue this abuse of district facilities. 

When will this happen?

For details see this link: