Ne-far-i-ous: heinously or impiously wicked.  Detestable, iniquitous, vicious.  Involved in a conspiracy.

Nefarious is not in my active vocabulary and is not even a thought I generally think.  However, when Heather Kintzley used “nefarious” in her comments to my inquiry about the Kennewick School Board decision to appoint a school board candidate to the open school board position, I began wondering, “what could be ‘nefarious’?”

During the interview of applicants for the vacant school board position the candidates were asked, “Why do you want to serve on the school board for this three month appointment?”  One candidate responded that serving on the board for a few months might help her decide whether to run for school board herself sometime in the future.

Let’s suppose one or both of the board members who will run for reelection in two years were threatened by this potential competition.  They could simply reject consideration of the three applicants who would gain experience on the board for a brief time. 

A decision to do this would be politically motivated and self-serving.  Certainly not in the best interests of the school district or community. 

That would be “nefarious”.

Of course, I don’t know what discussions occurred during the executive session which preceded the vote to appoint school board candidate Brian Brooks. 

I am still waiting for Kintzley to accept my offer to help us understand her work on the school board.  And possibly to explain the board decision to appoint a candidate to the open position.

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