School Board Report by Tom Staly

Kennewick School Board Meeting    October 13, 2010

All board members were present.
• Jack Anderson, principal of Kennewick High School was awarded Principal of the Year by the Big 9 League Athletic Association.
• Consent items were approved including a new agreement with Spare Time Lanes and Cafe’.
• Superintendent’s Report by Dave Bond -
Landscaping is being improved at ball field #2 at Canyon View Elementary in honor of Cooper Larson.
KSD is working with the United Way on a dropout prevention program.
Bond and board member Kathy White will be attending the WSSDA Conference in Spokane.
The former grocery store on 4th Avenue which is being remodeled as the new district administration building will be ready for occupancy in December. District offices will be moved during Christmas break and the January 13 board meeting will be held there.
• Student representative, Akshai Baskaran reported he is meeting with ASB officers from each high school.
• The board voted unanimously to authorize continuation of plans to implement the Dual Language program in middle school at Highlands. See details below.
• A budget update was presented by Vic Roberts. See details Below.
• Bond presented a facility update for Delta High School. See details below.
• Bev Johnson-Torelli offered the second reading of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Policy 5352 which was passed unanimously by the board.
• Bond presented the first reading of revisions to the Extracurricular Travel policy 3546. This relates to non-WIAA sanctioned student activities. Factors including cost, distance, time out of school and other comparable activities will be considered for these travel requests. This reading passed unanimously.

Dual Language Program -
Chuck Lybeck described the development of the district dual language program at Edison and Hawthorne elementary schools. It was started in kindergarten and each grade was added as students progressed. Students are now enrolled in grades K-5. Abby Cooper , Dual Language Facilitator, presented research illustrating the effectiveness of this program compared to other bi-lingual programs. Students in Dual Language programs progress through high school more successfully than students in other language programs.
Scott Parker, Highlands’ principal, spoke to staffing, scheduling, facility, transportation and cost impacts of implementing Dual Language at Highlands. Lybeck stated that parents want this program to continue into middle school. Board member, Wendy London offered that this program would be an asset to Kennewick’s high school students, too.

Budget Update -
Robert’s presentation was supported by pages of tables with data of the current district budget and projections to the 2012/13 school year. With state funding uncertainties, federal stimulus funds and student population growth it is essential to look ahead to maintain the district’s financial health. KSD has recovered from significant budget deficits several years ago to having a reserve fund surplus of more than $24 million by the end of the current school year.
Additional federal stimulus funding of just over $3 million will likely be taken back by the state legislature resulting in a projected district budget deficit for the 2011/12 school year of about $3.5 million. With the district’s reserve that should be manageable.
A possible impact for teachers is consideration of returning to a 180 day school year to help repair the state budget.

Delta High School -
Bond reported Delta High School, now in its second year of operation, has 200 students enrolled and will grow to 400 in two more years. The school is housed in a former CBC building in Richland which was remodeled for this purpose. This facility will not support a larger student population without significant additions. Options proposed would be to install portables, provide space in a nearby building, modify scheduling so classrooms are used every period during the day or a combination of these remedies.
The STEM Foundation is planning to raise funds to build a new facility or remodel an existing building for educating a student body of 400. Bond suggested the state legislature might be approached to fund STEM schools as Skills Centers are now.
A facility plan will be completed for the 2012/13 school year.
London inquired about curriculum decisions at Delta High School. Bond replied that curriculum authority rests with the superintendents of the three participating school districts.