This is the archive for The website is no longer active.

This archive exists to preserve the work of the website’s authors in its original format and in its original location.

KSDCitizens ran actively from 2010 until 2013. It was primarily the work of two former Kennewick School District employees, Tom Staly and my father, Dr. Bob Valiant.  The authors believed in a vision of public education that was not reflected in the corporate/federal reform driven policies of their local school district, and they created this website to rally public opinion in opposition. While the website had little effect on the practices of the district,  it did raise awareness in the community.

Since the website’s inception, popular resistance to corporate/federal education reform has grown throughout the nation. It is my sincere hope that this resistance will continue to grow and one day change the course of American public schools.

Robert Valiant, Jr.

December, 2013